Wadden Sea National Park

Wadden Sea National Park: for the benefit of everyone – including you…

In connection with business and tourism

We regard Wadden Sea National Park (Denmark’s biggest national park) as the focal point of the experience economy in the Municipality of Tønder.

Denmark’s national economy and the global economy are to an increasing extent driven by a demand for experiences and adventures. Tourism is thus one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with annual growth rates approaching 10 percent. We wish to exploit this in the Municipality of Tønder with the national park as the focal point – and we invite you to become involved.

The Wadden Sea National Park is our major channel:

  • to communicate our distinctive countryside and cultural heritage
  • to boost trade – not least of local products
  • to develop the experience economy

Frisian architecture and marshes

The distinctive countryside, which has been formed in front of and behind the dykes, has had its impact on both the natural surroundings and the building culture in the region – in particular the marshland, the like of which is not found elsewhere in Denmark, as well as the region’s Frisian architecture, which can still be seen in major parts of our municipality, e.g. Tønnisgaard on the island of Rømø, which incidentally is home to the national secretariat at the Wadden Sea National Park.

It is absolutely crucial that our and your knowledge of the countryside and building culture is easily accessible. We have to develop high-quality events, attractions, information and opportunities to experience the surroundings. Focus on the Wadden Sea National Park, including the region’s unique Wadden Sea products and its inspiration for artists, can pave the way for you as business operators – food manufacturers, designers, artists or other local entrepreneurs.

We shall ensure that events can be created that enable you and our many guests from outside the region to ‘understand’ and ‘touch’ the natural surroundings and culture in the region. There are plenty of opportunities to market the Wadden Sea, and we can work together on the following:

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Tourist service
  • Tourism development

See more business opportunities here.

Cultural events and working together across boundaries

The Municipality of Tønder has an attractive central location in the Wadden Sea National Park – thus providing an ideal position for cultural collaboration that cuts across boundaries. We therefore wish to work with our neighbours both north and south of the border, as well as with you – our local business community and tourist operators – in efforts to highlight the national park as our common beacon.

Overall objectives for the Wadden Sea National Park in Tønder

Through the Wadden Sea National Park, the municipal council will focus on strengthening natural and cultural assets in the region.

We will focus on upholding the balance that exists today, whereby we aim to protect the unique culture and countryside that characterise the Wadden Sea and the marshes, whilst at the same time exploiting these areas in the municipality’s most important industry. This balance must be maintained, irrespective of the fact that the same qualities are to be used to create growth in the experience economy.

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