Sending bills to the municipal authority

As a public authority, the municipal authority in Tønder will only accept bills and invoices in electronic form

Is your business ready for NemHandel?

When you send invoices to public authorities, this must take place via NemHandel. NemHandel incorporates the new OIOUBL invoice format, which has superseded the OIOXML format.

What is NemHandel?
When using NemHandel, invoices are sent directly via the internet. By means of a range of internet standards called OIORASP you can send invoices free of charge directly to your public sector customers from your own computer.

How to use NemHandel
If you are not already sending NemHandel invoices to your customers in the public sector, there are several options available to help you get started:

  • Does your business enterprise have a financial system? Then ask your IT service provider whether your system already has NemHandel integrated into the system, or when it will be possible to upgrade to a new system version with NemHandel.
  • If you have a financial system that can create NemHandel invoices, but does not have built-in forwarding, you can find a list of providers of NemHandel programs at ibiz-center. You can download the NemHandel program if required.
  • If you do not have a financial system, you can send a NemHandel invoice via one of the invoice portals on the internet. Some data entry portals are free of charge, while others charge a fee for their services. Find a list of data entry solutions at ibiz-center. Try, for example, the free invoice form at
  • Do you have a financial system that can create invoices in OIOUBL format and send NemHandel invoices directly? Then you are ready for NemHandel.

Download the NemHandel program here

More about NemHandel

Read about NemHandel at the Agency for Modernisation under the Danish Ministry of Finance

Find an IT service provider or supplier of financial systems that can help you get started with NemHandel


When bills and invoices to the public sector, including the municipal authority in Tønder, are sent electronically, this must take place with specification of the recipient’s EAN (European Article Number).

An EAN is a unique code that identifies a public authority. All public authorities are allocated one or more EAN codes.

An invoice without an EAN is like a letter without an address: the invoice will not reach the recipient if there is no EAN on it.

The municipal authority has many different EAN codes, typically one for each department and institution. You can see a complete list of the municipal authority’s EAN codes by clicking on the link below.

EAN codes at the municipal authority in Tønder

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