Getting married

Due to the Corona situation many appointments have been cancelled; therefore until 01-01-2021 we can give appointments ONLY to the couples who already had an appointment. 
If you want to marry in Denmark this year please choose another municipality (kommune) for your marriage ceremony. Please note a Danish licence to marry is valid max 4 months. 

Get married in Tønder (Tonder) in romantic surroundings

Foreign nationals can get married in Tønder. Each week, many Danish and foreign couples experience a wonderful, unforgettable day in Tønder Municipality.

In 2019 foreign couples can still marry in Tønder Municipality (no registration and no further costs).

Process: Please read more under “Process”.

Why Tønder?
Many couples from all over the world have married in Tønder over the years. Tønder is situated very close to the German/Danish border – only about 200 km from Hamburg (good train connections as well).

We are characterized by

  • Great experience
  • Great language skills (German and English)
  • Check of your travel documents and marriage on the same day
  • Friendly employees/registrars
  • Witnesses free of charge
  • A personal wedding experience in historical, romantic surroundings

With warmth and empathy we are making a great effort with every single couple.


Starting from January 2019, marriages in Denmark for foreigners have to go through two different Danish authorities

  1. Case working / Administrtive approval and payment of fee (on-line) is made online through a governmental authoruty: Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset)
    Only this Agency of Family Law is available for any questions regarding documents etc. We are unfortunately unable to guide or help you.
    Website: Agency of Family Law 
    Tel: +45 72 56 70 00
  2. Municipal marriage ceremony: in a municipality (kommune), and hopefully you choose Tønder Kommune (no additional cost).

State administration: Agency of Family Law

Please click

a) International marriages
b) You or your partner is NOT a Danish or Nordic citizen
c) We wish to get married in Denmark
d) Application with an SMS-login service

Proceed with an application with the SMS-login service

Please write your telephone number (remember +country code, e.g. +44 for Great Britain), send, and then you will receive a code.
With this code you can then send your application (documents/payment)

Please note: Your licence to marry will be valid only 4 months after approval by the governmental authority.

Reservation of appointment (after approval)

When your documents have been approved by the governmental authority: Familieretshuset (Agency of Family Law) it is possible for you to send your request for your wedding ceremony appointment in Tønder.

When the Agency of Family Law sends an e-mail to you with your licence to marry, including a file number (sagsnummer), they will at the same time send an e-mail to us.

Within 10 working days after having received your request, we will contact you via e-mail with a confirmation or refusal (in case the requested day is not possible).

Due to the Corona situation many appointments have been cancelled; therefore until 01-01-2021 we can give appointments ONLY to the couples who already had an appointment. 
At the moment (29-07-20) appointments are available from October for these couples.
If your licence to marry has expired it might be possible for you to get a new one through Familieretshuset (Agency of Family Law) – free of charge. 
> Information available here 

Please fill out this form with your preferred day(s)

Every week we offer appointments on

Mondays: 10 - 14
Thursdays: 10 - 16
Fridays: 9 - 12

The early appointments are normally reserved to couples
Without own witnesses

The late appointments are normally reserved to couples
With own witnesses

Please note Danish bank holidays and closure dates.


Your wedding ceremony will take in a beautiful, historic building. 

Address: Registry Office, Jomfrustien 8, 1st floor, DK-6270 Tønder, opposite the town hall.

No lift in the building – disabled couples will marry in another building. Please contact us.


Two witnesses must be present at the wedding. You can bring relatives and friends as witnesses – please provide their full names and addresses on the reservations form.

If you do not bring your own witnesses, we will be happy to provide two witnesses (no costs).

Marriage certificate/Apostille on your marriage certificate

Right after the ceremony you receive 2 international marriage certificates in five languages (Danish, German, English, French and Spanish).

An apostille is often required, when presenting your marriage certificate to the local authorities abroad.

A certificate issued in Denmark can only be given an apostille by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen (this is possible via post).

Information about legalisation/apostille

Recognition of your marriage

Please check with your local authorities, whether a marriage performed by us will be recognised in your home country.

German-Danish agreement (only available in German)

After returning home please remember - both of you - to register your marriage at your local authorities as well as in your home country, if different.

Change of name

According to the Danish legislation a change of name is not possible in connection with contracting marriage in Denmark, if the person in question is not registered in Denmark. After the marriage you must apply for a change of name, where you are registered. 

The marriage certificate always states both names as specified in the passports.

Even when a certificate is reissued, the names remain the same as on the day of the wedding (even if a change of name has been made subsequently).

Info about the Tønder area

Tønder is situated only about 5 km from the German/Danish border.

Flensburg (D): 50 km
Hamburg (D): 200 km
Berlin (D): 475 km

Best flight connection:
Hamburg (D)

Train connection:
Hamburg (D) – Niebüll (D) – Toender St. (DK)

Information about the Tønder Area

- or please use the Internet 

Reissue of your marriage certificate

You can request that we reissue your marriage certificate at any time.

Please fill out this form and submit

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