Business Service

Do you run a business, are you in the process of starting up a new company or are you planning to expand?

Then we can help with the following:

  • A preliminary assessment of your chances of realising your ideas and plans through our Response 48 scheme
  • Acquiring an idea of what is applicable to the property and which permits may be necessary
  • An advance dialogue meeting or inspection in which we can clarify specific preliminary problems or barriers
  • Assistance in completing applications
  • We take a dialogue-based approach, and are therefore happy to help you if you have specific plans.

Response 48: We work to ensure that you can get a good picture of your possibilities within 48 hours

Cooperation with Tønder Erhvervsråd

We work closely with the business council, Tønder Erhvervsråd, in order to boost development opportunities for new and existing businesses.

Read more at Tønder Erhvervsråd’s website – where you can also learn more about settling in the region and Local Action Groups.

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